Joy Lutheran Church


Monday, September 25th

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Bible Study


Tuesday September 26th

9:30 am Prayer


Wednesday, September 27th

8:30 am Joyful Hands

9:30 am Happy Hands

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Choir

6:45 pm Worship


Thursday, September 28th

1:30 – 2:30 pm Reunion Group “ Faithful Hands in Garden Room

3:00 pm Pastors Class


Friday, September 29th

8:00 am TOPS

10:00 am Bells

12:00 pm Setup for Wedding reception


Saturday, September 30th

2pm – Erica Meier/Shane Epperson Wedding


Sunday, September 31st

8:15 am - Worship

11:00 am – Worship


Check out these sites: and
There are bags with children’s activities hanging by the front door for use during worship service. Feel free to
take one in the sanctuary to use if you have young children with you.

You can donate $ to JOY Lutheran Church by shopping at Amazon. Simply shop from and
choose JOY Lutheran Church as your charity of choice.

There’s a prayer sheet to add your prayer requests just inside the door on your left as you walk
into the church.

We have a daily devotional blogsite written by several JOY members. View our blog at:
You can opt to have the blog delivered straight to your email inbox each morning by clicking on “follow” at the
bottom right on the site.

Sign up for social events & assisting in worship (as well as reading, carrying the cross and communion
assistant) in the Narthex on the bulletin board.

We have script cards available for purchase at the table in the Narthex. These are gift cards that you purchase
through us. You get dollar for dollar purchase. JOY gets a small percentage of money for selling them to you. Pick up
your script card at the same table the following week.